Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel has a way to transform the feel of the entire home. Aside from the pleasing aesthetics of a freshly painted and accessorized kitchen, a remodel allows you to maximize the space and layout for your cooking needs. It can be for more space for food prep or an island to allow for quick meals that creates a dynamic kitchen space for the house chef. Each remodel is different and allows for customization. In the after photos above, you can see the homeowner wanted a keggerator for on-tap beer at its finest. This was a very fun project.

Working with clients on the design layout is one of the most fun parts of a remodel. We go over a number of styles and colors for new cabinetry, counter tops, back splash, home appliances, fresh paint, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, flooring and additional customization requests.

Most of our kitchen remodels take 3-6 weeks. Given the sensitivity of working in your kitchen for an extended period of time, we work at a pace that will allow us to pay close attention to the details of the project while also looking to give you your kitchen back in a reasonable amount of time. It’s a fine balance that we have years of experience in.

We do a lot of remodels for people looking to raise the value of their home before they sell it as well as people who want to put a fresh look on a house they plan to live in forever. A lot of our remodels are in greater Seattle, extending to King and Snohomish County as well. We’re highly rated on Facebook as well as where we have additional photos of remodels you can check out. For additional services, click here. Schedule a consultation with us today to revamp your kitchen.