In King and Snohomish County, our roofs take a beating from all the rain. We get it – roofs aren’t something you worry about until you start seeing damages, leaks or mold. Repairs will allow you to get more time out of your current roof. After a few repairs, it can be a sign that its time for a roof replacement. We recommend a new roof every 15-20 years as Seattle weather wears down roofs.

On a roofing consultation, our first step is to analyze the roof and see if you actually need a new roof. Sometimes, we’ll recommend you wait a few years if it’s in good shape. Other times, we’ll quote you by the square and give you a date in which we can start. We begin by tearing off the existing roof, checking and replacing damaged plywood if needed.

You can go a few different routes for the kind of roof you want. Most of our clients choose shingles, of which you can choose between asphalts and composite materials. Another popular option is metal roofs, flat roof/torch downs and shake roof.

In addition, we’ll want to swap out old vents, replace pipe boots, install valley metal, new flashing and new chimney flashing while we’re up there.

A new roof can be a significant investment, especially if you have a larger home. The quality of the roof depends on the materials, but also the attention to detail. We have an experienced roofing team that has worked on homes all around King and Snohomish County. The photo gallery above shows photos from a 6,000 square foot home in Redmond, Washington. To schedule a roofing consultation in any of the Seattle neighborhoods, the Eastside, or up north near Everett, please use our contact us page to schedule a roofing consultation at no cost to you. Photos of additional photos can be found on our page!